How do I register?

How do I register a new account with FriendsForMinecraft?

Signing up for FriendsForMinecraft is easy and can be done in the Friends4MC iOS or Android apps, or from within the FriendsForMinecraft Minecraft mod client.

From the Friends4MC iOS or Android mobile apps, just click the 'register' button and follow the instructions.

From the FriendsForMinecraft mod client, it's easy too.  Once you have installed the FriendsForMinecraft mod client, just launch Minecraft and start a local or server based game.  If FriendsForMinecraft installed successfully, you'll see a flashing 'Sign Up' message above the 'm' icon overlay indicating that you need to 'sign up'.  Just hit the 'm' key and following the instructions.  Once you have successfully created a FriendsForMinecraft user account, you will then see 'Sign In' each time you launch Minecraft.

A rare bug.... sometimes you might see a 'Sign In' message when you were expecting a 'Sign Up' message.  If this is the case, please immediately send an email to and we will help you though the issue.

Ok... so now that you know how to register, check out some of our other helpful articles in the FAQ.

-FriendsForMinecraft Team

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