Q: How do I make friends in Minecraft with FriendsForMinecraft?
A: Read this article for the top ways to make Minecraft friends.

Q:  Do I use my minecraft.net username and password to sign up for FriendsForMinecraft?
A:  No, FriendsForMinecraft s a different service than minecraft, you will create a unique email and password for use with FriendsForMinecraft.

Q:  If I install and/or use FriendsForMinecraft is my minecraft.net password ever at risk of being seen, stored or used?
A:  Absolutely not!  We do not sniff, see, use, store or desire to get access to your minecraft.net password at any time in any way.

Q:  How does FriendsForMinecraft know what my minecraft.net gamertag is?
A:  When you log in through FFM Minecraft mod we detect your username and check if it's licensed automatically

Q:  Ok... so you promise you don't see, store or use my minecraft.net password at all?
A:  We pinky swear it.  We care deeply about FriendsForMinecraft, it would be really stupid of us to risk our reputation by doing something careless with your information, including your minecraft.net password....which... we never, ever see.

Q:  You are basically a minecraft client hack right?
A:  Hack is an unpleasant way to describe FriendsForMinecraft.... but technically you could call FriendsForMinecraft a hack.  We prefer to call ourselves a minecraft client mod, of which there are many.. but few are as cool as FriendsForMinecraft.  :-)

Q:  Will FriendsForMinecraft get me banned on my favorite servers?
A:  We hope not!  We need to learn more about how / when the popular servers ban people for using client mods.  We are working hard to ensure server admins do not ban you for using FriendsForMinecraft.  Server admins typically give 5 warnings before you get banned.  If you see a warning, then click the 'disable FriendsForMinecraft or this server' and then you should be fine for that server.  We will then work with that server admin to allow FriendsForMinecraft in the future.

Q:  I have a question that I'd like to ask to the FriendsForMinecraft team.  How do I do that?
A:  A few ways, you can send email to support@FriendsForMinecraft.com, or you can leave feedback/ask questions at our uservoice (ICON/LINK) page, or form within the FriendsForMinecraft mod client, just send us a message from either the friends list or the mail chest... you are following us, and we are following you by default... do consider us your first friend!

Q:  How do I post an image?
A:  Glad you asked... hit F4 function key  (MacOSX fn+F4 keys) and watch what happens.  :-) You can change this hotkey in minecraft settings :)

Q:  COOOOL!  How do I see everyone's images and vote / comment on them?
A:  Download the FriendsForMinecraft Phone app and/or login at the http://ffmpic.com website to see awesome image browsing/commenting and voting features.  See post popular, most voted, most commented, trending images..  We didn't think you'd be wanting to browse images while you are playing minecraft.....so that's why it's not in the FriendsForMinecraft mod client.  If you think we're wrong to assume that...then tell us (uservoice LINK/ICON)

Q:  I am a server admin, what does the FriendsForMinecraft client mod do?  Does it provide cheating powers in any way?
A:  The FriendsForMinecraft client mod gives users FourSquare and Facebook-like features.   FriendsForMinecraft users can add friends and send messages back and forth.  They can check-in to your server, vote on it, take images, etc.  The more popular your server is, whether that be visits, votes, images, check-ins, number of unique users, etc... the more traffic you will get from the FriendsForMinecraft server explorer feature.  Our goal is to make it easy for FriendsForMinecraft users to find cool servers through their social network... so if you wish to get more users visiting you, then the FriendsForMinecraft client mod is your friend.

Q:  Ok...so another server admin question.  What if someone hacks the FriendsForMinecraft mod client and enables cheats I do not want my server.
A:  Yes, we have thought about that too and are doing everything possible to protect everyone from that (including FriendsForMinecraft reputation!).  We don't want to go into the details of how we protect the FriendsForMinecraft mod client from client hacks, but please be assured that it's at the top of our priorities and receives our utmost attention.  If you hear, see or believe that the FriendsForMinecraft mod client has been compromised in any fashion, please feel free to contact me (creator of FriendsForMinecraft  personally at support@FriendsForMinecraft.com with the subject line of 'FriendsForMinecraft security'.

Q:  One more server admin question.  I want prevent client mod cheats, but I want to allow FriendsForMinecraft on my server.  Can I work with the FriendsForMinecraft team to help make that happen?
A:  Yes, we are working solutions that should give confidence to server admins that the FriendsForMinecraft  is safe and unaltered from hackers.  Please contact  support@FriendsForMinecraft.com with the subject line of 'FriendsForMinecraft partnership' to discuss with us.

Q:  Oh wait.... one more server admin question.  I LOVE all of the traffic that FriendsForMinecraft sends my way.... users with their friends with them seems to improve the atmosphere and makes it more fun for everyone... including me.  How can I make sure my server stays at the top of the FriendsForMinecraft server lists?
A:  That's awesome to hear... we also think that the social aspects of FriendsForMinecraft an improve the minecraft experience for everyone...users and server admins.  What you can do to improve your FriendsForMinecraft server rankings is just do a good job of being a great server admin and host awesome worlds and games.  We use a combination of visits, repeat users, votes, images and some other techniques to ensure that the best servers are at the top of the list.

Other questions?  Leave them here  (icon to uservoice and email to support@FriendsForMinecraft.com)

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